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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Bachelor Commentary.

Everyone else is posting on television that is probably a lot more thought provoking, a lot more intelligent, a lot more...hmmm...classy, I guess, than the TV I like to waste my time with. The way I look at it, it's about the only time I really get to relax, so I might as well watch something that is total trash.

Cue The Bachelor. It's funny, people keep talking about Nashvillian Bachelor Travis Stork, saying how handsome he is, how charming, how wonderful he is. Eh...I'm not that impressed. He's cute-ish, he seems like a nice, genuine guy, but overall, I'm not terribly impressed. At least he's about 10 million times better than Bachelor Boob Bob was. AND he's a Nashvillian, which makes me happy.

Spoilery parts ahoy!!


So, we're down to the final four in this last episiode, which took 2 long hours. Unless, of course, you have a DVR, in which case, it took me only about an hour and a half to watch it.

Travis takes each of the 4 girls back to their hometowns to meet the 'rents.

First up, is Moana, who everybody on all the message boards I have read seems to hate, but I like her a lot. There's a lot about Moana that reminds me of, well... me, and her myspace is pretty cool, too. Her family asked a lot of tough questions, both of Moana and Travis. I would hope my family would be as picky, if had ever been nuts enough to go on a show like that.

Next, Travis headed up to Canada to see Sarah B. I dunno, the visit was kind of bland. He did find out that she was still living with her mommy, and I don't think he liked that very much!

Then he came back to good ol' Nashville to meet up with Sarah S. Now, even though I absolutely love Moana, I think the best match for Travis is Sarah S. She's a sweetheart and a half, a kindergarten teacher, and she's very pretty in a not-terribly-striking kind of way like Moana and Susan are. He had a good visit with her family, but they were dismayed to hear that Travis might not always want to live in Nashville. He'd like to go back home to Colorado. Whatever, fool!

Finally he went to see Susan, who I think was in the lead, until this family visit. Let me tell you, her family was totally dissing her! Susan is very beautiful and says all the right things, but I don't think her heart is in it, she actually admitted that she would use whatever vehicle it took to get her somewhere in LA. Rumor has it, that she got back with her ex-fiance right after the show, so my prediction is, she gets dumped on the next show. I hope so, she seems so fake!

So then they all go back to Paris, and he ends up dumping Sarah B. Good, I think she is too young for him, and while she seems very cool and nice, she just doesn't seem cut out for Travis.

The thing that kills me about the show is, they keep acting like it's going to be so wonderful to be the wife of a doctor. Man, I don't think so. They have to work all kinds of crazy hours, and they golf all the time, and they probably get really depressed when they accidentally kill their patients. That doesn't sound like a very good catch to me! Sure there's going to be some money floating around, but money isn't everything!

So, next week we get to see the fantasy dates. I seriously doubt Sarah S. is going to stay in the room *with* Travis. Then we get to see who the final two are. My prediction is Susan gets cut, and Sarah S. and Moana are the final 2. We'll see next week!


At 6:01 AM, Blogger Michael said...

If nothing, the Bachelor has provided Brad About You with a job for at least the next two weeks....LOL


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