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Monday, February 06, 2006

Veronica Mars Recap/Review

Rashard And Wallace Go To White Castle
You know what the best part of UPN and the WB joining forces next season is? That we loyal Veronica Mars fans won't have to wait around three days to see a new epiosde becuase it gets pre-empted by a lame basketball game.

Seriously--UPN 30, we do not need the umpeenth repeat of The Andy Griffith Show at 10 p.m. and you could have aired Veronica Mars there on a tape delay Wednesday night. It would have made my life a lot easier trying to avoid pretty much all of the Internet for the past couple of days so I wouldn't be spoiled since the rest of the country got to see the episode.

OK, I think I've ranted about that enough for now, but expect pretty much the same rant to start every recap until the end of basketball season.

Dammit--I want my new Veronica Mars!

OK, I'm done....really, I'm done now.

This episode demonstrates why I get so upset at potentially missing an episode. In the wonderful world that is Veronica Mars, things never stay static. If you thought we'd see a lot of Veronica sitting around mooning that Duncan was gone or dwelling on her part in the plan to get Duncan and baby Lily out of Neptune, then you're sadly mistaken. Instead, this revs into high gear from the teaser and never looks back. There were at least three plots touched on in this one.

The first, and the one that got the most screen time, was Wallace's struggle to prove that he wasn't the driver implicated in the hit and run of the homeless man in Chicago. I love Wallace's niave belief that just by talking to the reporter and telling his side of the story that it's all going to go away. The thing is that Wallace believes that every one else operates by the same sense of right and wrong he does. Sure, it takes him a bit to get on the uptake here and have his conscience sparred onward by Veronica, but the thing is, he does try and do the right thing. And gets pretty much slammed because of it. Seems that being the next LeBron James and having a surrounding cast of people who will watch out for you and make sure you stay out of trouble so they can get their payday is quite a mountain to overcome. But yet, Wallace does it with Veronica's help--and even enlisting the aid of Jackie. Yeah, I have to admit I saw that one coming a mile away simply becuase Veronica Mars used the same trick last week. As soon as I saw Jackie at the party, I knew she was in on it. But what I didn't see coming was how Wallace played her. The scene at the end where Jackie asks Wallace out and Wallace has apparently made other plans with a new girl was priceless. I have to admit this plotline had me wondering--will Wallace get out of this mess or will this be what dooms him to having stay near Neptune so he can be with Veronica next year? I have a feeling this plotline will come back into play.

Next up, we've got the wacky Odd Couple that is Logan and Weevil. Weevil finally finds out how's been lying to him in his gang--everyone. Seems that the gang has no problem taking the money of the PCHers for drugs. In fact, they seem to think that Weevil working with Logan is far greater a crime than selling drugs to rich kids. So, they beat the crap out of Weevil and ditch his motorcycle in the ocean. You know, I have a feeling a bit of retalliation is in store for this group and turning on Weevil this way is not going to be a good idea long term.

Having Logan ask Veronica to bug the confessional at church was priceless, as was Veronica's internal debate about the morality of doing so.

Finally, we have the bus crash plotline. Just when you thought they'd forgotten about it, it rears it's ugly head again. Keith steals into the Neptune evidence room and removes key pieces of evidence in the bus crash. Maybe the target wasn't Veronica. I say maybe here and it seems to me they wouldn't introduce this as just a red herring this late in the season. Besides, having the target be just Veronica seems a bit too mundane a solution to the problem. Having it possibly be connected to the new mayor--now that's interesting stuff. I wonder if it's going to turn out to be a two birds with one stone thing. Aaron Echols wanted to get rid of Veronica and Mayor Goodman wanting to...well, what? We're not sure what his motive is just yet but I have a feeling it's about to come out. And it's interesting that as laid back and out of the loop as Lamb is, that he keeps making arrests or finding solutions just as Keith does? Is Lamb actually ahead of Keith and--gasp!--compitent? Or will his string of good luck run out soon? Or is Lamb somehow in on it and is playing his part in the game?

I love it when Veronica Mars gives us these questions. But you know what I love more? That I know they'll give us answers....


At 9:02 AM, Blogger John said...

I've read speculation that in many markets, the station which loses its network affiliation will try to emphasize sports and other local programming. It will be interesting to see if Sinclair will try to emphasize sports on its non-CW station (whether that station is 30 or 58). They could eventually go after things like the Predators contract (now held by Fox Sports Net) or the Jeff Fisher show (which will presumably mean less to WKRN now that they can't use it as a lead-in to "Monday Night Football").

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Michael said...

As long as I get to see Veronica Mars when it's aired, I am happy...LOL

At 12:23 PM, Blogger Kat Coble said...

Local sports makes a good outlet for the non-CW channel, I think. It gives a non-cable venue without jinxing the already-fragile ratings of the entertainment station.

As far as VMars goes:

--Oooh. Jackie. Me no like, but she's starting to redeem herself.

--I dreaded this episode when I read the title at SpoilerFix, but they did a fantastic job with it. I like that we're coming back to the Rat. It has to be essential somehow (Rat Saw God?), I just can't figure it out.

--My best guess is that the mayor wants to be rid of the baseball player for some strange reason. Gambling debts? Strange Love Triangle? I think we'll see that ultimately when he realised Keith was on to something with the crash he secretly backed Lamb.

--Weevil and Logan. I love those two as a Crime Fighting Duo. They're two of the most cynical, beat-down, vulnerable guys in Neptune. Odd that they keep sharing things; Lily, Felix, all that.

--Watch your backs, PCHers!!!!

--Who was the dude who sang the Karaoke? I'm guessing he's from some band that this oldfogie doesn't know about. At first I was afraid he would be New Love Interest, which would wreck my V/L shipping all to pieces.

At 1:16 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Perhaps the mayor wanted to have Keith be sherriff to have Keith "owe" him and help keep the bus crash secret a secret.....after all, Keith is now a random element and not one under his control.

And I have a feeling that Jackie may redeem herself....or she may not.


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