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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Kevin Smith vs Joel Siegel

Movie critic Joel Siegel was at a critic's screening for Kevin Smith's highly anticipated (at least by me) Clerk's 2.

Siegel took offense to a running gag in the film and decided to walk out on the film. According to reports, Siegel made sure everyone in the theater knew he was walking out.

Smith isn't too happy about it--not just the fact that Siegel walked out but that he made such a distraction of himself doing it. In fact, Smith posted about the incident on his MySpace blog.

Then, the two got into on the Opie and Anthony show. But the funny thing is that Siegel doesn't realize for a good amount of time that he's debating with Kevin Smith. You can hear the interview here. I love the pause when Siegel realizes that he's been talking to Smith and then starts to backpeddle.

First of all, I have to say to Joel Siegel, it's a Kevin Smith movie! What'd you expect--fluffy bunnies and everyone hugging?

Clerks 2 opens tomorrow in theaters.


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