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Thursday, July 13, 2006

See the Emmy nominated episodes

Last week, the Emmy nominations were announced and TV fans everywhere let out a collective "What the heck?" and "Why wasn't ________ nominated?"

So, apparently this new system is not working.

But are you curious about which episodes from last season were screened and given nods and those upon which the categories will be voted?

If you are, this is your lucky day. The L.A. Times blog The Envelope has a full list of the nominated episodes as well as links for most of them on YouTube to watch the episodes. Not all the episodes are up yet, but they hope to have them all posted by mid-August.

As interesting as seeing the epiosdes from the series that were nominated is, I'd also be curious which episodes were submitted for those obvious omissions. (I know, for example, that Lauren Graham submitted the polarizing season finale for Gilmore Girls as her entry).


At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 12:09 PM, Blogger AG said...

Now that my rage over Lauren not being nominated has waned, I'm wondering if her submitting "Partings" was just a bad move. Yes, it might have been her finest hour in the entire SERIES as an actress, but do you remember laughing? Comedy, folks.

My choice for you, dear Lauren, would've been "Friday Night's Alright For Fighting". The last 10 minutes of that episode with it's Woody Allen inspired weird camera sequences that swapped between rage and hysterical laughter might've had a better comedic reaction from the "blue ribbon panel".

I judge because I love.


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