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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Because I'm such a fan of this round-table style of blogging (or meta-blogging), I've decided to expand the concept of Tangled Up In Blue to include that other common ground of bloggers everywhere--movies and television.

All Along The Watchtower is not meant to be a replacement for Tangled Up In Blue. It will hopefully serve as another forum for bloggers from all points in the spectrum to discuss the films and TV shows they've seen, enjoyed or want you to avoid.

The Nashville blogosphere has a peerless film reviewer, a a film school graduate and several die-hard film and tv fans. Hopefully we can all find common ground in film discussion.

If you would like to be a contributer, simply drop me a line:

mycropht AT excite DOT com

And to be honest, part of this is because today I finally rejoined Netflix and I would like a plethora of ideas for my queue.


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