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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Project Runway: Reunion

These reunion shows are just attempts to milk every last drop of viewership out of an otherwise interesting show. This one seems to be particularly anti-Santino, which I am ok with.

Santino, you said: I don't regret saying any of it, I only regret if anything hurt anyone's feelings...
umm, so, what is it that you regret? How do you not see that you are a mean, tiny-hearted man?

Guadalupe, are you high? Nobody knows what you are talking about. Tim just called it "the biggest bunch of bullsh*t". Good one, Tim. Guadalupe, you can't speak for the rest of the episode.

This whole model aspect of the show is boring. They shouldn't try and make it part of the competition. It did pay off for them for one episode this season though, with Nick's model being stolen. I still thought it was boring.

Santino said, Does this season really need another Wendy?

Daniel V. is my favorite. I hope he wins.

Stay tuned for "Tim visits the finalists' homes" next week. Yet another effort to drag the show out as many weeks as possible. But more interesting than "Sit in a room and review the season and pretend we didn't really mean all the bitchy things we said" week.


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