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Friday, February 17, 2006

Goodbye Ted, hello Rupert, sorry about that Marvin

I always thought it was sort of ironic that Nashville seemed to be one of the last cities in the Turner South coverage area to get the channel on cable -- especially since "Live From The Bluebird Cafe" was one of the channel's signature shows.

(FORGOT TO ADD: We even got Turner South here in Shelbyville before you did in Nashville!)

Well, you may need to kiss that show goodbye. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, there's a strong possibility that the channel will be sold by Time Warner to News Corp. (the parent company of FOX); renamed (Rupert would never want to own something named "Turner"); and converted into an all-sports channel, a companion to the existing FSN South.

If this does happen, and if Food Network has any sense whatsoever, they will snatch up Marvin Woods.


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