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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Second Chance

Of interest to our hometown Middle Tennessee readers and to others who might be fans of Michael W. Smith and/or Steve Taylor: here's a Christianity Today review of "The Second Chance," which was filmed in Nashville in 2004. I was a big fan of Steve Taylor's highly-satirical new wave-ish Christian music when I was in college. Later, he was part of a band called Chagall Guevara which pursued crossover success, then he became a record company executive and was largely responsible for promoting Sixpence None The Richer. "The Second Chance" is his debut as a feature film director; he directed numerous videos for himself, Sixpence and other artists. But Christianity Today -- while giving the movie a generally-favorable review -- says it isn't as quirky, avant-garde or satirical as Taylor's fans might expect.

Here is my account of being in the audience for some of the movie's church scenes, which were filmed at Brentwood Baptist Church.


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