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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Direct to DVD Galactica movie confirmed

There's a lengthy interview in The Chicago Tribune's TV blog that, among other things, confirms the direct to DVD Battlestar Galactica movie is happening. The movie will take place between seasons three and four and address but not resolve the season-bridging cliffhanger. Executive producers Ron Moore and David Eick basically say it will give some background to the cliffhanger.

If you read the article, be warned there are SPOILERS in it for the back nine of the season.

Moore and Eick address a certain picture floating around the Net (featuring Baltar), the rumors of a major character death in the back nine and the changing of the opening credits. Basically, it all boils down to--don't take everything you see and hear at face value (esp. where said picture is concerned).

Monday, January 08, 2007

Rome, If You Want To

There are two new Rome behind-the-scenes thingies over at HBO ONDemand. One centers around a party that Atia is throwing the other concerns Pullo and Vorenus. It contains major spoilers. If you can't wait for Sunday, check it out to whet your Roman appetite.

I'll give you just one tasty morsel.

Spoiler Alert!!!

Caesar is dead. I think Brutus might have been in on it.

End Spoilers.

Screech tape is a fake?

Did Dustin "Screech" Diamond use a boyd double for his infamous sex tape?

According to some sources he did.

Schmidt suspects Diamond has been doubly deceptive.

"I have reason to believe that is not Dustin's [manhood] in the movie," says the agent. "You never see his face and his [manhood] in the same shot. If, in fact, he used a body double, I'm going to sue him for defrauding me, Red Light and the American public."

Good to know we have such people out there defending Americans from such horrible fraud. And it seems that Screech staged the tape in order to get some publicity, according to the article.

But at least Screech is lucky. His girlfriend is standing by him during this time of crisis.

Diamond's girlfriend, Jennifer Misner, questions whether that's really his signature on the contract and claims Diamond gave in to Red Light because "there was no way to stop the tape once it hit the Internet."

Misner, who isn't on the tape, says she never would have let Diamond engage in his infamous "Dirty Sanchez" session with two women. But she's adamant that Diamond didn't use a stunt organ.

"That is all Dustin," she says. "I would definitely know. I'm proud of my man."

Friday, January 05, 2007

Short clip from next week's HIMYM

CBS has posted a short clip from next week's new How I Met Your Mother.

It's pretty funny, but will the episode rival the hilarity that was the slap-bet episode?