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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

STAR TREK 2nd PILOT Deleted Scenes

Clips from the original presentation of "Where No Man Has Gone Before" for the NBC suits. This is the pilot that sold Star Trek to the network and the rest is television history.

Why this footage wasn't somehow put on the DVD sets is beyond me.

As a huge Star Trek fan, I can tell you the only adds are one additional line from Kirk about Spock's learning to enjoy his human ancestory and some shots of the crew strolling down corridors as the main credits roll. The classic Trek theme is no where to be found here and we do get an interesting new intro to the series--not the famous 36 words that start off with "Space, the final frontier..."

If you want to hear commentary by myself and my good friend, Sarah Hadley, on the full episode, you can go here or you can listen directly.


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