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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Battlestar Galactica Season Three Premiere Teaser

God bless the Internet!

The first ten minutes or so of the two-hour premiere of Battlestar Galactica are streaming on-line for you to enjoy!

UPDATE: The Ron Moore post is correct in how you can find the first 13 minutes. But here's a direct link to save you some time.

UPDATE AGAIN 2:23 p.m.: (Possible SPOILERific) It really turns out to be about 10 minutes of new footage when you factor our the new opening credits, the recap and the basic establishing of the premise of BSG. That said, damn it's good and damn I cannot wait until Friday night. I thought this might help but it's only made it worse.

And yes, as the music started up and the words "The Cylons were created by man" appeared on screen, my pulse picked up a bit and I felt a tingle of excitment....

I won't say more, except that it's gonna be really good.

Oh and the flashbacks do include a clip from the Webisodes, so if you've not watched, you may want to do that before Friday.


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