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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gilmore Girls Thoughts

When did Gilmore Girls go from a show about the dynamic of three generations of the Gilmore women to a show about Lorelai and her wacky relationships? The show has lost focus and while it'd be easy to be blame the new regime for this, this was already happened long before Amy Sherman Palladino flipped the network and whoever took over the show the bird by having Lorelai sleep with Chris to somehow rebound from Luke. It really started last spring with the plot device known as April was introduced merely to keep Luke and Lorelai apart. Suddenly it's less about the characters and all about the drama. And the show has suffered since.

I could endure this if there were other things in this show to keep me interested. But the biggest sin any show can commit is to be boring. As I watched last night's episode of Gilmore Girls, I found myself not really happy or upset about anything unfolding on screen so much as just bored.

Oh sure, we got some Snakes on a Plane references, but really those stopped being hip and topical about five minutes after the movie started up. It felt like the new crew's desparate attempt to fall back on the strength of previous years. Last season, we had Luke debating the Star Wars movie and this year we have to talk about Snakes on a Plane--look at us, we're hip the show seems desparate to tell us.

But don't you see Gilmore Girls--that you're not as hip as you think you are? And what drew me in wasn't your hipness but your great dialogue, your good characters and the interaction. This season feels so disjointed. It feels like one plot comes to a halt and we have to desparately shift gears every time there is a scene change. This was so evident here as we skipped from Rory's plot to the Chris/Lorelai thing to whole Luke and Amber storyline. In isolation, there are bits of each that I like--I loved April wanting to set Luke up with his teacher. I found it interesting to see Rory make other friends besides Paris. And the saving grace of this show was Emily's plotline of getting pulled over for talking on her cell phone.

But yet, in the end, it still led to a point I didn't like. Now, I know that Lorelai and Emily don't get along as well as they'd like...but Lorelai's sheer giddiness at her mom being arrested seemed a bit out of character. In the past, we've seen Lorelai take some measure of pleasure in her mom's discomfort but her sheer giddiness at her mom being arrested here seemed totally out of character. It was almost to the level of being cruel. No sympathy or compassion for her mother, who last season was ready to accept Luke and had bought a house for Lorelai and Luke to live in when they got married. And maybe that's the problem-the show is just not ready to let anyone on it grow up. Maybe we'll see that all of this is Lorelai's rebound and explains her immaturity and bad behavoir. The thing is, the show is getting so far into left field that I may not be around to see these changes and developments.


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