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Friday, April 21, 2006

Jim Henson's Trek Babies

J.J. Abrams of "Lost," "Alias" and "MI:III" has been hired to produce and direct a new Star Trek movie which would be about Kirk and Spock meeting as cadets at Starfleet Academy.

I like the idea of bringing in fresh blood, but I hate the premise. As has already been pointed out elsewhere, whomever is cast as Kirk and Spock, no one will be satisfied. Is this supposed to tie in with the existing Trek continuity? If so, it bleeds all the dramatic tension out of the movie. There's no possible way that the main characters can be killed, so what's the risk?

Also, I don't believe it's ever been stated or hinted at that Kirk and Spock were classmates -- unless it was in the books, which I don't follow. One of the reasons I don't watch "Smallville" is that I think it's ridiculous and contrived to suppose that every single character in Superman's adult life just happens to fall off the train in a small Kansas farming community. He won't have to meet anyone new when he reaches adulthood; he'll have met them all already. This smacks of that same type of contrivance.

If we ever get another "Trek" TV series, I'm hoping it will be a "Galactica"-style reboot (I don't mean it should be as dark as "Galactica," just that it should be a reimagining of the series rather than a sequel or prequel).


At 6:47 AM, Blogger Michael said...

I've read the books and Kirk and Spock do not meet as cadets.

If you listen to the first eps of TOS, you realize that Kirk was best freinds with Gary Mitchell at the Acadamy. Also, as the first six or so eps of TOS unfold, you get the feeling of a freindship developng between these two opposites of Kirk and Spock.

I am sure J.J. will crap all over that...since Paramount seems determined to crap all over classic trek continuity whenever possible to make a buck.


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