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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

24 Review/Recap

Day Five: Midnight to 1 a.m.
I was right! I knew that Jack's coming into possession of the digital recording of Logan conspiring with Henderson was too easy and would somehow fall into the wrong hands so we'd spend at least one of the last few hours of day five chasing it around L.A.

I have to ask this--does it make sense of Henderson to keep in in tact? Surely it makes sense that he should destroy the recording somehow. As we saw in the last five or so minutes, without the proof that Logan is the mastermind of this plot, it's going to be hard to make a case against him or get him to step down. I wonder if this plot will have to be resolved with a second President buying the farm on day five of the show. Or perhaps Martha will serve as the conscience that Logan is so clearly in need of and force him to step aside.

Now, as cool as the idea of having Heller drive over to confront Logan was, I'm not sure how much sense it made. I get Heller's assertation that he didn't want to go public for fear of diminishing the presidency as an office and throwing the country into disarray. But wouldn't it make more sense to get the vice-president on your side as well so Logan can't pull the bait and switch he did in the episode's closing moments? If you are able to present the evidence to the vice president, then he might be able to better help you remove Logan from power. Also, Heller missed the chance to go, "Well, if I am such a crackpot as Logan says, why does he have a resignation letter drafted on his desk?"

I think Heller has overplayed his hand early. And it could end up costing him the life of his daughter. I had a feeling Audrey was in trouble yesterday when TV Guide On-Line posted a long interview with Kim Raver, talking about the show and being positive. Last time they had such a--golly, I sure love working on this show interview was with the actors who played Edgar and Tony..and we all see how that turned out. I am just not sure Jack's fragile grip on sanity can take losing Palmer, Tony, Michelle and Audrey all on the same day. If it does happen and I were Henderson, I'd find a way to leave the country immediately if not sooner as Jack is gonna be hella-pissed.

And after weeks of moaning about it, I was happy to hear the Chinese thread brought up. And it was brought up in a way that made sense! Man, I am telling you...I think the 24 writers are reading this blog and really listening to what I have to say. Of course, in my world the sky is also orange and UT wins the national title in every sport every year. So take that for what it's worth.

And wow, did we get a lot of cliffhangers to end this one. I am not sure we've ever had that many blocks within the scene, showing the number of cliffhanger moments we're going to have to pick up on next week. As I see it, they are: Audrey's injury that could leave her dead, Henderson has the evidence, Heller's been forced to resign, Chloe and company are on the run (though does it make sense to do all this covert stuff at Buchanan's house which might be the first place they'd look), Logan has almost absolute control of the situation and fan favorite agent Pierce might be dead. All I can say is I know a lot of us are gonna be pretty annoyed if Agent Pierce is gone.


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