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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cinderella Man & DaVinci Code

Glen Dean spoke highly of this, so I topped off my Netflix queue with a copy and finally sat down to watch it tonight. It was pretty good, insofar as it was nice to see someone have their life turn out okay.

I really liked the end, but I realized part way through that it reminded me of the end of Apollo 13. That's not a bad thing, given that Ron Howard's space epic is one of my top 10 favourite films. The way they intercut the final match with the reaction shots of the community was eerily similar. I kept waiting to see Ed Harris in the white vest chewing his knuckles and waiting for the four-minute Loss Of Signal to be over with.

I also realised that I have absolutely no understanding of boxing. I've seen a ton of boxing movies, but I literally have no idea what they're doing. I also realised that I have no idea why boxing is called "the sweet science".

I admit to being curious about Da Vinci Code. I read and enjoyed the book, despite it's questionability. Watching Cinderella Man reminded me of how much I appreciate Ron Howard's directing style, and I'd really like to see what he does with Code. It's a very visual story, and I'd like to see how that's depicted on screen. There's a part of me, though, that does have a wee bit of a problem with certain aspects of the story. I also admit that I'm openly rooting for the Holy Blood, Holy Grail guys in their ongoing plaigarism lawsuit . Sure, their book was a crappier version of the same story, but they did publish it first. I guess I'll take a wait and see on it. If worse comes to worse I can get it from Netflix next March.


At 5:24 AM, Blogger Michael said...

I enjoyed Cinderella Man when I saw it a few weeks ago on the magic that is DVD. It's not Ron Howard's best movie, but I'll take a just OK Ron Howard movie over just about most other director's best movies any day. That said, I am not as excited about DaVinci Code as others. It was an OK book that was fun to read but I never got as upset about it as some religious leaders have. It's just a story, I keep shouting. The movie should be intriguing but it doesn't get me all atwitter to see it like Spidey 3 does and we're still at least a year away from that


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