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Friday, October 27, 2006

Did Ellen Tigh know?

Last week's Battlestar Galactica featured a scene in which Saul Tigh poisoned his wife, Ellen, as a punishment for her betrayal of the resistance movement. The scene has caused some debate on-line about did Ellen know she was being poisoned or not.

In his podcast commentary, Ron Moore didn't exactly clear it up one way or the other, so the guys at TV Squad when right to Moore and asked him the big question. And here is the answer:
"We intentionally blurred this point so as to be somewhat ambiguous here. It's not entirely clear in the scene whether she knows or not and I liked leaving it for the audience to decide for themselves ultimately whether Ellen participates in her own punishment or dies as Saul wants her to -- peacefully, and unaware of what's happening to her."
A new episode of Galactica airs tonight at 8 p.m. on SciFi, following a new (to America) episode of Doctor Who. Quite possibly the best two hour block currently on TV.


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