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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A peek behind the curtain

In an effort to the BSGWS (Battlestar Galactica Withdrawal Syndrome) a bit more bearable for the fans at home (as if having new Doctor Who isn't enough!), Ron Moore has promised to post some supplemental podcasts over at SciFi's web site.

Normally, Ron Moore's podcasts work as an almost immediate release DVD commentary for the show. I've found them interesting to listen to as the show has progressed and I love the almost instant feedback and honesty we get from Moore. For example, earlier this year he admitted that "Black Market" didn't come out like he hoped and he took the blame for it.

Now to spice things up, Moore and company are posting a couple of recordings of a writer's meeting for the last season of the show. The first one covers the writing process for "Scar" and some of the later episodes of the season.

It's a fascinating look inside the writers room and to hear them hash out details on how the story could go and where it should go is fascinating. If you're suffering BSGWS, these might help keep you going until season three picks up in October.


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