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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Lost Recap/Review

I've figured out the big secret of Lost! The castaways are...the lost 13th colony from Battlestar Galactica!

I had some flashbacks to the big Stonehenge scene with the symbols in the sky from earlier this year on "Home, Part 2" of Galactica. I honestly expected to see Six come out and start talking to Locke and only he could see her!

Or more likely, she'd be talking to Henry Gale.

Who we have now thankfully outed as an Other. I think we all knew it, but I will give the show credit. It sewed in just enough seeds of doubt that I wasn't really sure. I mean, sure he had to be an Other, but then that would be just too obvious. So maybe by making it too obvious, they were making us think it was too obvious and...well, I think that gives you a little glimpse inside the insanity that is my mind. Imagine swimming laps where your mind subconciously works over these things for hours on end....

Is it any wonder I am the way I am?

But back to Lost. This week, it's time to focus on Locke and his backstory. It's kind of a go-to-the-well type of week since just about anytime we go to Locke, it's going to be good. And not just because his story is so fascinating but because damn Terry O'Quinn is good. I think we can forget that sometimes when we see the same basic Jack vs Locke pissing contest replayed over and over again, week in and week out. But the way that O'Quinn brings Locke to life both on the island and in the life before the island is a thing of beauty.

This time around, Locke has issues of abandonment. Which you can kind of understand what with his dad showing up, pretended to love him and then stealing a kidney. Now Dad's faked his own death and needs Locke to go and pick up some cash he swindled from some retirees. To the tune of $700,000. Locke will get $200,000 if he helps Dad out. Meanwhile, Helen is still in his life and he's going to ask her to marry him since it seems he's finally worked past his father-issues. And then he has to lie and well, we can all see where it's going. About the only winner in this situation is the maid at the hotel who got one hell of a tip since we didn't see Locke go back for the huge pile of cash that was sitting around. You know, I've got to wonder how he's going to explain that sudden in-flux of cash to the IRS should he put it into his account. Of course, I guess with the death of his dad, he could say he was the beneficary of a large insurance policy, but that seems like it'd raise some red flags.

Meanwhile, Locke is trapped in the hatch, which has suddenly gone lockdown mode for some reason. What set it off? I'm not really sure on that. And Locke is forced to free Gail in order to help him punch the button. And there's a few minutes where Henry crawls through the duct work and we wonder if he's taken his chance to run out on Locke. Of course, Henry has helped his own cause by getting Locke to promise to protect him no matter what happens. I have a feeling this is going to come back to haunt Locke.

Outside the Hatch, Jack actually cracks a smile and stops being dour for a few minutes. He play a few hands of poker with Sawyer, winning first fruit and then medical supplies. I loved the scene where Sawyer asked Jack why Jack didn't gamble for the guns and Jack just calmly says--when I need the guns, I'll get them. Sewing seeds for the sesaon finale--you betcha! But you know what? I liked it.

As well as the last ten or so minutes when Sayid, Ana Lucia and Charlie show up and the big denouncement that Gale is an Other comes out.

Oh and where'd all that food come from? Was it a gift from the Cylons? Oh wait...I'm crossing shows again.

At least Lost is moving forward a bit. Sure it's that whole answer one question, bring up 12 more..but at least the feeling of treading water is gone.


At 6:41 AM, Blogger Kat Coble said...

The Lost writers read my blog. Me, last week:

"5. Isn't there a ruler in the Hatch? I mean, surely that would be the most straightforward way for Locke and Jack to decide Who Is The Better Man And Leader. If there isn't an actual ruler, I'm sure someone has a dollar bill. Those are exactly six inches long. They could improvise."

Kate on Lost This Week:

"You want me to get a ruler?"


I know the episode was already filmed by last Thursday, but the coincidence still kills me.

Apart from that, I still feel like we're treading water. Even though the Locke story lines were good, they've given us yet another 43 minutes with 10 minutes of actual good show.

At 10:08 AM, Anonymous Sarcastro said...

Good call on the Galactica comparison. Both shows share the same style of architecture. What made this episode of Lost good is the same thing that makes an episode of Galactica good. The story propelled the overall narrative of the show. There have been some unsatisfied viewers of both programs out there who have ground their teeth into stubs over the course of an hours worth of Apollo moping with his hooker or Kate staring wistfully into the sea thinking of how many dead bodies are in her backstory.

The episodes, like last nights, that work are the ones where we make some actual progress in helping the castaways find earth or keeping the Cylons on their side of the island. Or something like that.

At 10:19 AM, Blogger Kat Coble said...

The story propelled the overall narrative of the show.

Yeah, it did. But it took its sweet time to do so. That's what bugged me.

I was also frustrated by the poker game storyline. I hate Jack. I get babblefawthered by his constant Super Human Doctor Overlord complex and having him also be a card sharp just grates.

At 3:08 PM, Anonymous ex-tvwriter said...

I had such a Stepfather moment during one of the flashbacks in this episode -- Terry O'Quinn merely got out of his car and looked around before going inside the house, and I got chills. Loved that movie. Wish it would finally come out on DVD.

Nice recap, Michael. Thanks.


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