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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Veronica Mars Review/Recap

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Oh Veronica, how I've missed you.

I know it wasn't your choice to stand me up a few weeks ago. I've forgiven you and to some extent UPN for this move. If it helps the show get a season three on the CW network, then I'm all for the move. However, it does remind me a lot of season two of Buffy when the WB went top-heavy on episodes, leaving us only four new episodes from the middle of February to the start of May and we had a loooooong hiatus. Same thing with Veronica Mars in a way, though the long mid-season hiatus means we should get an interrupted run of stories to the finish line.

Which is a good thing since the mysteries seem to be getting more complex.

There are times when I feel I need a flow chart to keep track of things. Again, the whole long gap between new episodes hasn't helped. Also, I have a feeling the writers and producers wrote this block of epiosdes to be seen in a chunk. You know show runners have to be aware of how episodes will break down and where breaks will be and build the show based on that. This one just felt like that.

It brings up a lot of a questions. Has Terrance hired Keith to provide him an air-tight alibi but he really was involved in the bus crash? Or is he being set up by the mayor, who if you recall there was a line of dialogue that it was his hanger that the cars were parked in. It's not a huge stretch to think the mayor could place the explosives in the locker in question since it's where his plane is. Also, I still think this whole bus crash thing is tied to the mayor's desire to see Neptune incorporated. Or it could be that I've seized upon one line of dialogue and want to make it more significant than it really is or should be. (And on a side note, when will we see the mayor on screen again? We seem to hear a lot about him..but where exactly has he vanished to? I can't imagine Steve Guttenberg is that busy filming Police Acadamy 75: No, Seriously We're Still Making These Things)

Meanwhile, Logan's agenda for dating Heidi may not be all it seems. He seems to be sewing seeds in the family. He points Heidi in the right direction to find out her father uses drugs and is in to the Fitzpatricks. Seems as if we're hearing a lot about the Fitzpatricks of late. Are they behind all the corruption in Neptune? It sure seems that way.

And then we have the A story that was OK, but not great. There's a web site for gay students at Neptune to post and talk. But someone's found their way in and is blackmailing the off or you'll be outed. Really, a lot of this was kind of predictable. I called that the guy who got beat up and had his rims stolen was lying to cover his tracks. I figured he was behind the blackmail at first, but then it seemed too obvious. Also, having Mac set up the site seemed like a repeat of other Mac plots. Don't get me wrong--I like having Mac on the show, but it just felt like a bit of a greatest hit here. And then, we find out that one of the board members is behind it--she wanted to out her girlfriend so they could be out and not have to worry about the stigma. Sure, OK, that sort of makes sense.

Really, it felt like the A story was there to not have it be all about the more interesting sub plots.It wasn't a bad episode, but it wasn't just a great one. And I think after making us wait so long, we expected greatness.


At 10:34 AM, Blogger Kat Coble said...

I'm with you. It was okay, but it wasn't great. There were certain points where I felt very keenly that we were watching something thrown together. And was it just me or did KB seem bored?

At 6:22 AM, Blogger Michael said...

Well, maybe this is the episode to catch our breath before the big stuff starts to roll the next eight weeks...


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